Tuesday, January 13, 2009

While In Oregon

we went to the beach.

It was beautiful.

He loved it.

My mom brought her kite.

We wanted to linger 'til nightfall.

We played frisbee. Kate was graceful. I was out of shape.

Halley found all manner of treasures. (And she is a treasure).

They savored the fruits of their parental labors. And celebrated their twenty eighth year together. Looks like they still like each other. (They do).

The fun, the family, the waves, the sunsets, the sand, the chats, and walks, and laughs, and ultimate frisbee, and scum, and rook, and broccoli cheese soup, and fusball and badminton (less the poop on the lawn) and avocado pizza ... it was all very good.

I want to go back. And stay forever.

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