Friday, January 23, 2009

Valerina Hearts and Sick

Dr. Henry's had another patient to look after for the last week. A real patient.


Some of my symptoms have subsided (thankfully) but the chest congestion is stubborn. I'd really love to stop wheezing, does anyone have a favorite remedy? The more natural the better (lactating).
Probably goes without saying that we've been battling the January doldrums. I know we shouldn't; things could be so much worse. But if this were my world, moms would get a "Get Out of Jail Free" card for illness.

I've been trying to infuse life with little bits of sparkle, to punctuate the listlessness -- bought some Reese's Mini's for baking (we are, errr, I am half-way through the bag. And we haven't baked yet), watched Thoroughly Modern Millie last night (terriff!), and my favorite...

we decked the entry table for "Valerina Day" (Henry seems to have a hard time remembering "Valentine's" -- so Valerina it is.)

I know it's not the fanciest or the cutest, but it really tickles me for several reasons. I did it all with things I already had around the house -- vases, hand-me-down scrapbook paper, a "Love Note" from my darling Grandma, written on some stationery I made her for Christmas (love that little circle of love,) and, of course, some Sweetheart candies. And Henry helped with the whole thing. He was so willing and delighted, saying things like, "thanks for letting me help with these valerina hearts, mom" and "this is SO fun!" It was so fun.

But quite honestly, the last seven days have been a study in difficult, brightened occasionally by these two smiles...


  1. haha I love the cute words that kids come up with! And I love that it usually takes the Mom's interpreting in order for outsiders to understand. It's one of the things I'm looking forward to most:)

  2. A plate of candy hearts wouldn't last one day in this house. It happens to be my (and Emma's) favorite valentines treat. It's so cute! I hope you feel better very very soon. Have you been sleeping with a humidifier? (it's good for wheezing)

  3. Try a bath with the baby cold in it (greenish bottle, I think has menthol in it). It really helps.