Sunday, January 18, 2009

New Blog

There are a slew of reasons why I've decided to switch.

I was in bed most of the weekend anyway (quite sick) so I spent a fair amount of time cutting and pasting old posts to this new place. Tedious. I'm sure there's a faster way...I still have quite a bit to import, perhaps someone can enlighten me. Blogger already seems more user friendly (yay!) but I'm sure I'll be pandering for help with formatting and photo-uploading sooner or later.

The primary reason I switched is because it is most important for me to be able to slurp this blog into a book every year and I cannot figure out how to do it from my old set-up. (Again, I'm sure it can be done, but even the customer service folks at Blurb were no help to me in the pursuit).

And I guess I just have new goals and purposes behind my I thought a fresh start was apropos. Change your links if you please ( Either way, this is where we'll be. And pardon the "dust" for the next few days (weeks, months...however long the relocation process takes).



  1. Well let me be the first to welcome you to blogger! It really is user-friendly. I just did a big transfer of all my other posts from my typepad blog and it worked to just copy the text and pictures in one big "copy" and then I just pasted it into a post on blogger. I did have to do them one at a time. Even my nerd BIL says he can't figure out how to transfer posts into blogger at once. So I think you'll have to keep plugging along one by one. (unless there's another nerd out there who can help you?) If you need help with pictures in posts I've figured out a system I love.

    I have yet to slurp my blog... but I want to. Maybe someday I'll get around to it.

    And I'd be interested to know your new blogging purposes. Mine changed a while back too, and I really enjoy blogging a lot more now.

  2. I already love it! And I love reading you blog, and seeing pictures of your family. Somehow, being in Wisconsin makes me feel like everyone is farther away than they really are. And it makes me miss them more. Maybe you know how I feel. Anyway, we miss y'all!

  3. Change is always fun! But let me sound a warning voice. Blurb no longer supports blogger. I tried to slurp my blog again this new year and couldn't do it directly. I think there may still be a way - but it will be a pain!!!! Which is ultimately frustrating because blogging is so much about a family history for me. So...let all of us blogger users unite to find a way to make it work! I'll let you know if I find anything out!


    I enjoy blogger...but I've never used anything not too sure if the grass is greener elsewhere.
    I searched around a bit and found this info. regarding blurb and blogger. I don't know if it will help...but thought I would give you the link.

  5. Yay! for coming over to blogger. Shhhh, don't tell anyone, but I would be happy to do a header for you if you want. Let me know.

  6. hey em. one thing i know for sure: STOP CUTTING AND PASTING YOUR POSTS!! you will be much happier. promise. there is a better way. i don't know the name right now (i'll have to ask chris) but there is a technology called "blog to blog" that will do just that. i'm in the same boat as you, i get my blog printed each year and since blurb doesn't slurp blogger or wordpress anymore (not their fault - i have details if you want them) i've been importing my blog to livejournal to get it slurped. so i just import it once at the end of the year and then slurp it. oh the joy of being married to a computer guy! :) i guess i'll email you details once chris gets home.

  7. I love your new look and your new blog. As always, I will follow! Henry is just too sweet with his soaking infirmary!