Sunday, December 7, 2008

Silly, Happy Heads

i should totally be sleeping. but there are two very pressing things on my mind:

1.) on friday night we were bored. so we played with PhotoBooth (because we're really mature and sophisticated). And we laughed. A LOT. and i am posting the pictures here to prove to our children, in later years, that we were young once (and hot). and that we had a lot of fun together.




and 2.) there's something i need to tell my (future) self who will scroll back and read this next week, and hopefully several years from now (if i ever get my act together and bind this thing into a tangible volume). i just want that future self to know that on december seventh in the year two thousand and eight, i was really, really happy. not the forced kind. or the fake kind. not the kind that you reluctantly arrive at after an obligatory session of blessing counting. no. the kind that just sort of wells up from your gut, that you can't hold down. like keeping a juicy secret -- fluttery and sly. only there's no secret. and it's for all these great reasons (that i'm too tired to list)...and no good reason at all.

there. now i can sleep.

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