Thursday, October 2, 2008

These Are Days

Would it be too prosaic of me to say, "I can't believe it's already October?" Seems like a generic conversation filler to talk about how quickly the time is passing. Generic or not, it's true. Time zooms by. These are crazy times in our neck of the woods -- this morning, for example, both of my children had soiled their pants before 10:00 a.m. Lily's required an entire outfit change, a bath, and an immediate load of laundry. Henry was just, (how to say it)... surprised (?) by what turned out to be a little more than gas, (less mess; still gross.) Even with the poop, I savor these times. No school. No homework. No extracurriculars. No schedule to speak of; our most pressing engagements are play dates with friends and our weekly baking session with Nelwyn and Ruth. But mostly a lot of time to fill with laundry, chores, play, work, creativity, exercise, conversation. Time that goes by so quickly. (Except for those mysterious hours between three thirty and six that seem to trip by clumsy and slow.)

Makes me think we should spend more afternoons the way we spent yesterday's.

Enjoying a picnic in the shade.

Listening to the test of the tornado sirens. (The loud noise made us "a litta-bit nervous.")

I ogled my boy. So handsome, I thought to myself.

When we'd had all the lazy fun we could handle, we headed home.

Biker style.


Stopping only briefly to admire the dainty beauties along the way.


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