Friday, July 18, 2008

Life Normal And Not


Here we are. Six days 'til baby. We're still swimming almost daily. Henry's still enjoying his new goggles to excess. And I'm still thinking he's adorable in them (to excess.) He wears them in any sort of water -- even the bath. And it's especially fun when it's a bubble bath. It's kind of weird how life is marching on so normally even on the eve of such a gigantic change. I don't know why it would be any different -- it's just an odd crinkle of time we're in right now.

I painted my front door this week. It's dark-ish slate blue. I adore blue. Now I'm looking for the perfect adornment to hang on it -- a wreath or flower box of some sort. Feel free to supply a link to something darling in the comments -- I would appreciate it so much.


We're all getting excited for Nana to come! Last time she came, Henry was the baby. It's been way too long. We're so lucky to have her help for a whole week. I think Henry just sort of sees his little sister as a means to an end. Baby comes=a week with Nana. What's not to love about that?

We got a gift card in the mail this week for one free entree at the new Pei Wei near our house (woohoo!) I love mail like that. We're going tonight (one last date before the big, quiet belly bump turns into a tiny, noisy baby.) On my list of to-do's: find a sitter.

Also on my list:

*Wash bassinet bedding, onesies, gowns and receiving blankets.
*Clean the bathrooms.
*Visit TJ Maxx and make sure there's nothing on their shelves we can't live without.
*Get a fresh batch of books from the library.
*Enjoy our last weekend as a threesome -- that should be easy.

What's on your list this weekend? And what's your best bit of pre-baby advice? I feel like I've totally forgotten how to prepare for an infant.

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