Thursday, May 29, 2008


The gauze packing is gone. The splints have been removed. The swelling's going down. And for the first time in IDon'tKnowHowMany years, the air is flowing freely through both of Nate's nostrils. Both of them. At the same time! This healing process has not been pretty, but that (freely flowing breath) is a beautiful thing.

Another great thing that came from the recent surgical experience was the medical gear the nurses sent Henry home with. Not only have I been playing Nurse Goodbody to my recovering husband, I've been playing doctor with Henry, Freddy and Moses. It's been our go-to diversion during many consecutive hours of house confinement. And the sheer adorableness of Henry's pretend play has been a delight to my slightly care-worn soul.

Here's Dr. Henry, all scrubbed in and ready to apply band-aids and administer meds as needed:

Here are his patients, Fredrick ("Freddy") Bear, and Moses Moose:

Here are the meds:

The greatest thing about Dr. Henry's clinic is that Jelly Beans and Band-Aids fix every ailment:

Thanks to all those Band-Aids and Jelly Beans (and pain pills and antibiotics and prayers,) everyone around here is healing up very nicely.


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