Monday, April 14, 2008

Reynolds Wrap Would Be Proud

(Sputter!) There are so many things on my mind this morning, but there are more things (and more pressing things,) on my to-do list -- like getting a hide-a-key made so we don't get locked out of our house again. We got locked of our house last night after a little family walk. It's a bad feeling to be locked out of your own home, knowing that every single appliance for entry (ie keys and garage door openers) are locked up securely inside. It's even worse when the temperature is rapidly dropping and there are frost warnings in the night's forecast. Thank goodness for good friends (who live close by.) And for the long, narrow window above the master shower, the only one in the whole house that wasn't locked. And for nimble (if a little clumsy) maneuvers that allowed my husband and good friend, Justin, a very unconventional entry into our house, just in time for me to call off the exorbitantly priced lock-smith, who was already on his way.

Anyway, I need to get out the door, but on a completely unrelated note, look:


On Friday, I was a good mom. Some people sew their children beautiful dresses. Some people make precious crafts to adorn their children's bedroom walls.

Me? I make tin-foil trumpets with thumb-tack buttons. And Hot Diggety Dang, Earl! You should hear my rendition of the BYU fight song on our home-made trumpet!

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