Monday, March 24, 2008

Life is the Bubbles

Easter weekend was simple. And lovely, (except for the part where I snapped out at Nate, while gawking at his heaping plateful of cobbler and ice cream, "it's rude to take a dessert serving as big as your face!") Truth is, I don't care how large a serving he takes, but as I watched my mixed berry cobbler disappear with every guest's generous helping, I feared I might not get any...and that, dear friends, is not a happy Easter feeling, (thus the snappy comment.) Don't worry, I got some. And it was divine. And I apologized to my husband for my snarly comment. And Easter was happy once again.

I love going to church on Easter; the congregation morphs into a basket of dyed eggs -- so much purple, pink, yellow, green. Dyed eggs with a few hats in the bunch. (I like hats.) And men in pink ties. (I like pink ties.) I could see everyone well from my spot on the stand (I spoke in sacrament meeting.) My feet got so sweaty in my dainty little flats that I thought I might have to go to the pulpit barefoot. Thankfully, my perspiration glands shut down just before my time to speak. I liked the whole experience of speaking on Easter. My assigned topic was the atonement of Christ and although I felt like I'd been asked to discourse on the length of eternity or the complexity of the female psyche (or some other, equally puzzling cosmic question,) preparation was sweet because, for a time, I felt akin to those who "rejoiced in Christ, talked of Christ, preached of Christ, prophesied of Christ..." At least I thought of Him. And thanked Him. And that was a good frame of mind and heart to be in just before Easter.

And now it's time to start another week. Not just any week, though...the week of Henry's third birthday! (Only three more links on our paper chain! We started with sixteen and it's been an agonizing wait. See, one of Henry's favorite things in the universe is opening packages that come in the mail, and there are two birthday packages whose contents cannot be revealed 'til we reach the end of that chain of paper links. Ah -- delayed gratification is such a hard concept.) And the twenty first week of my pregnancy! And the week that my mom and sisters come to visit!

Hooray for all of it!

The promise of company is a good incentive to get my spring cleaning underway. I've already been through the house with the shop-vac, sucking up corners of cobwebs, window sills of bug carcasses (ew!), and layers of dust that accumulated on my baseboards during the dim light (and laziness) of winter. There are still fingerprints to be Windexed away from the window panes, sheets and towels to be laundered, shampoo to be purchased (because someone, (ahem!) left an unattended toddler in the bathtub Saturday night. And sometimes unattended toddlers do crazy things like dump out the contents of every bubble-making agent in their reach, leaving their parents with no shampoo/conditioner. And a frown about having to shell out another ten dollars to buy products that you had plenty of just hours prior.)

So, yeah. There's plenty to do. And I'd better get to it.

Happy Monday!

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