Monday, January 14, 2008

Things I Want To Kiss

So, I haven't exactly dazzled in the blogosphere lately. I haven't dazzled anywhere. I've been shuffling around in my cupcake slippers and hooded sweatshirt for the past two days, feeling way under the beautiful weather we've been having. Let's just say it was a milestone to keep my lunch down today and a happy moment when my voice decided to show up to play this afternoon (even though it is a hoarse and honk-ish impostor.)

My intestinal and bronchial woes are not the intended point of this post, I just mention them to elicit some pity and well wishes 'cause I'm kind of snivelly like that. My real purpose in posting this evening is to immortalize the transformation that occurred at our house during the last seven days of our trip, (the days when Henry and I stayed in Oregon and Nate came back to Texas.) While I spent that week of separation lounging lazily about my parents' house, wrapped in one of the many sleep-dust-sprinkled fleece blankets that live in the drawers by the side of the fireplace, doing really consequential things like completing the daily crossword puzzle and ingesting absurd amounts of Triscuit crackers and peppercinis, my husband was here, not sleeping, eating Taco Bueno tacos (which, in my opinion, no son buenos,) and sanding, staining and lacquering thirty-four drawer and cabinet faces -- transforming our tired oak kitchen from this: (only worse, 'cause I touched this up with some photo editing that gave it a more charming glow than it had in real life...)




To this.

And this.

They look better than I ever imagined they could. I think they're positively delicious. I love them. I want to kiss them (more than a peck.)

I love my hard-working, sleep-sacrificing, handy-man husband, too. And I wanted to kiss him more than a peck on Thursday night when he revealed the results. And I did. Again and again. And again.
You probably want to kiss him too (just a little? like on the cheek, 'cause that was really charming, what he did,) but you can't. However, if you feel so inclined to leave him a little "pat on the back" in the comments section, I'll be sure he gets the message.

And I'll kiss him for you.

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