Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Lofty Aspirations

We just got back from a whirlwind weekend trip to Utah for a cousin's wedding. I alluded to the fact that I flew with a pukey, feverish toddler en route. It was hard. I felt like I deserved a Nobel Prize for holding my peace through four hours of writhey, coughey, whiny, stuffy travel. Thankfully, the seats all around me were filled with patient, tolerant souls, though you never would have guessed it to look at them. "Can't judge a book..." (I'll have to learn that lesson a hundred more times before it becomes part of me, I suppose.) The pill crushing, powder snorting, huge-earring-wearing thug sitting across the aisle from me was sympathetic to the fact that, "the little guy don't like to travel?" And Sir "IHaveHalitosis32Year-oldBarTenderWho'sNeverFlownBefore," gave Henry a piece of watermelon chewing gum and a crumpled up dollar at the end of the flight to go "buy a pack-a-cookies."

I love nice people. Love them. And I love Children's Tylenol. After a few doses of that purple elixir, I had a much happier child on my hands. Glory be.

I also love being in clean homes. We stayed with my Aunt Debbie this weekend; to give you an idea of how clean her house was, I will say that I'm pretty sure I could have passed over any surface in her house with my bare tongue and they all would have tasted like lemons and vinegar. My house? It would probably taste like hairballs and sock lint. Inspiration overcame me like a stringent whiff of ammonia and I vowed to myself that I would devote a few days to decluttering and disinfecting when we got home.


All my noble intentions vanished in a moment of indiscretion in front of the Red Box yesterday morning when, with the easy swipe of my credit card (and for just $1/day!) I was able to depart the grocery store premises with a flick I've been itching to see: Waitress. The few hours of quiet nap time that I should have used to start "Operation Sanitation" were instead passed in an indulgent spell of entertaining vegetation. Somehow I managed to glean an additional bit of productive inspiration from my matinee. It was Keri Russell. She was so svelte and darling in her vintage diner waitress get-up, I thought to myself, "I think I'll get on the treadmill tonight."

I can happily report that "Operation Sanitation" did in fact get underway with several loads of laundry and a thorough scouring of both bathrooms, but "Operation Look Like Keri Russell" failed miserably in another moment of indiscretion when my fingers dialed up that diabolical establishment, Dominoes. And by diabolical, I mean diabolically delicious. Guiltfully greasy. Plumpifyingly perfect pizza!

I wish I had pictures to post from the wedding and the trip, but in my typical feather-head fashion, I forgot my camera. There were so many Kodak-moment-esque things I would love to have recorded in a medium more vivid than my one-dimensional writing. Happy young newly-weds who have NO IDEA what they're in for, make cute photo subject matter. So do little boys playing Legos on the floor with their Mimis. And pillowey winter snow that makes the perceivable world clean and quiet and white. So lovely.

I hope life is surrounding you with lots of moments beautiful enough to make you wish you had your camera.
And that you're keen enough to remember it in your travels.

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