Friday, August 31, 2007

The One Stinky Slice of The Trip

We're getting ready to spend the weekend with Nate's cousin, Rebecca and her fit-for-a-fashion-mag family. Aren't they gorgeous?

To know Rebecca is to love her. She's just one of those irresistably likable people who has enough patience and genuine love to take care of half the world's elderly population. Heart. Of. Gold.

Take, for an example, one evening on our trip home, when we were having a family dinner at Grandma's house and Henry went missing. I got a little frantic, searching about for my disappearing Houdini. I was, as you might imagine, embarrassed and stressed when I found him, stark nekkid from the waist down, surrounded by little deposits of his own poop, on my very clean and proper Grandmother-in-law's driveway. (Henry seems to have a little fettish with relieving himself outside; usually just number one, but on my lucky (ha!) days, he just takes care of all his business in an undisclosed spot in the yard. Picking up poop is not a pastime I prefer, so this mal-mannered phase has successfully cured me of all desire for a pet.)

So, anyway...what this all has to do with Rebecca's heart is that she came outside just after I made the unpleasant driveway discovery and without a second thought, was unwinding the garden hose, offering to help me clean it up. She didn't make me feel like the heathen mother of a heathen child; she didn't even seem alarmed at the fact that my child had polka-dotted the driveway with his mess, she just willingly offered her hosing services. And she'd probably have done the same for a perfect stranger if their child had (Heaven Forbid!) pooped on her grandma's driveway. Do hearts come in a more golden variety than that?

Hope you're spending the holiday weekend in pleasant company!

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