Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Name Them One By One

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about some of the lovelier things in my life. It made me feel cheerful all day--so I think I'm going to try to make that a weekly habit. Here are a few things I'm smiling about today:

Last night Henry and I were having a "nuggow in mama bed" and I put my hands behind me head and crossed my legs, like this:

Then he took a scrutinizing look and copied me exactly.

And then we both laughed.

He didn't know why we were laughing--he just did it 'cause I did, kind of like how he had his hands behind his head and his legs crossed...just because I did. In that moment, I found myself unable to think of one terrible thing about the twos. But I remembered a flood of them this morning when I found the toilet paper rolls in both bathrooms completely unrolled and the contents of one of the bathroom garbages emptied...into the toilet. Oops! Those are the kinds of things I'm supposed to leave out of "happy posts."

But it makes a nice segue into these embellishments (which, of course, made me smile,) that I choose to believe he left as an apologetic token in a place that I'd be sure to see them. (Thanks for the birthday stickers, cousin Blaine, we all love them.)

The pecans I bought at Costco yesterday. Splurge! We will savor every precious one of the 32 ounces we bought. I love you, Costco--and after we DROPPED the TV that we had just purchased from you and, of course, it ceased to function (100% human error--which we fully admitted,) and you gave us a no-questions-asked full cash refund... I. Always. Will.

The Sales at the grocery stores were fabulous this week. (Thank you, Easter.) Our favorite ice cream, Blue Bell, which is essentially the most delectable blend of flavor and texture your tastebuds will ever discern, and asparagus, AND bacon were all on sale. In the same week. Which gave our pocket book and our tummies great reason to smile :)

The cleaning bug that has been circling furiously around my head for nearly a week finally BIT me yesterday and motivated my ReLuctAnt ReaR-eNd to get scrubbin' in the W.C. The cleaning frenzy extended into our bedroom where I was inspired to launder the linens which means that we slept in FreshlyWashed, StillWarmFromTheDryer Sheets last night. I don't remember for sure, but I'm pretty sure that while I slept soundly in an AprilFreshDowny-induced coma, I dreamt about nectar and blossoms. Yes, that sounds right.

And there are a few other things that my soul is smiling about, things that, believe it or not, I choose not to write about on the blog. How's that for mysterious?

If you care to share, I'd love to know, why are you smiling today?

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