Wednesday, February 28, 2007


I don't know if these snapshots of life with Henry will mean anything to anyone else. But I've been collecting them for a few weeks now and they all put a smile on my heart; they say "Henry was here--and he was happy." I usually find them when I'm cleaning. I like to call them Leftovers (though the credit for that term should go to a dear friend of mine--thanks, Debi.) In case you can't tell what they are, let me tell you, from top left:

1. Dirty "shoesies" after a morning of working in the mud with Nate.

2. Something's missing (this is frequently the case when Henry's around.)

3. This week's favorite bedtime stories (Owen and Some Things Go Together.)

4. Helping (??) me put away the groceries.

4. (cont.) The potatoes that ended up on the floor (they were later joined by 2 crowns of broccoli. I don't know how I ever survived without this extra "help" around the house.)

5. The remains of bathtime.

6. The movie rejects.

7. The sippie cup that mysteriously ended up in the garbage one morning.

8. The "cozies" and diaper that were taken off in rapid succession as soon as I said the word "bath."

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